Hotel per Famiglie con Bambini a Cattolica: scopri L'Hotel Acropolis

For kids

We are ready to entertain our litle guests!

The Hotel Acropolis takes part in a local kids entertainment project, designed to entertain children in a creative and exciting way. Professional childcarers will be with your children, taking them through a whole range of activities, workshops, performing arts, and games on the beach!
If you book one of our All Inclusive packages, your kids will receive on arrival our Welcome Kit, to start their activities right away!

Baby meals

For our smallest guests, we always have available vegetable stock, vegetable soup, fruit smoothies and baby-pasta. These dishes can also be prepared directly by parents, and before meal times!

Baby extras

Our hotel is equipped with items specific for small children, such as table-clamp chairs, cots, playpen-beds, gate-sides for beds, and mini-tubs for bathing.